Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Justice Delayed
California Superior Court Judge Shelleyanne Change issued a preliminary ruling today in the case TheRestofUs.org v Schwarzenegger. Nothing's final yet, as she may revise her ruling after a hearing tomorrow morning.

But, on first glance:

Good news: The judge refused to toss us out of court as Schwarzenegger had wanted. She ruled that our case was brought in the public interest and that we had shown a decent chance of winning.

Bad news: She is not prepared to issue a preliminary injunction yet. This would immediately stop Arnold and his ballot committees from breaking the law.

Here's a link to our news release on this. More to come, stay tuned...

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Hey Guys can you answer me this...
Why would anyone get into politics? Poor pay, public scrutiny, people write poorly written blogs about the decisions you made who don’t know all of the facts - plus you have to cover up all of the bad stuff you do or did just so that the stupid people will elect you again. Lose – Lose.

Politics is the “practice” or should I say “scheme” of gaining or maintaining support for only 51% of the public then having the 51% kill the other 49% that don’t like you.

I guess it is because you have the ability to say “Do you know WHO I AM!!!”

10% have a voice – and a good one, an educated one, but are seen as whiners – sometime wieners, but mostly whiners.

“Political Science” - the study of political behavior and application of power, i.e. the ability to impose one's will on another, i.e. do what I say because all these other people agree with me – Poly Sci is a really shitty degree if you ask me and I know that you are. Is it really a science? Or are the best politicians and strategist only the “best” because they convinced us that they are? If you say YES then I like that– I am in Advertising. Drink Coke.

Everyone knows Ploy Sci = Marketing - You are just selling a different product.
Ok I was a bit harsh and uneducated in that last statement Poly Sci is a good degree if your occupation is no in politics.

People are easily swayed – they are forced both knowingly and unknowingly to do, say, act, and believe in things others just made up (sometimes for fun).

The Pepsi tasted test (not the shitty one in the malls) proved that in the USA, people preferred the taste of Pepsi over Coke a staggering 60%. But people still buy them that Coke. They love them that Coke – just because of Marketing. Coke changed the way we in the US view Santa Clause. I don’t drink soda – it will rot your teeth and make you burn crosses. (see also Madonna)

I don’t know where I’m going with this… but I know where you are….

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