Friday, April 02, 2004

The New Fat Cats win either way
Business Week has an in-depth article here on some of the various big money players in this year's presidential race. It details a few of the Hollywood liberals who are raising money to help John Kerry and some of the corporate CEOs that are raising big money for Bush.

One item of interest is how hi-tech CEOs, who previously backed Al Gore, are less fond of Kerry:

"Some tech leaders aren't thrilled with Kerry, especially after his populist primary campaign and the current fulminations about outsourcing. Such talk rankles Netscape Communications Corp. co-founder Marc L. Andreessen, now chairman of software firm Opsware Inc. (OPSW ) Kerry "is just running in the wrong direction" on trade, says Andreessen, who gave Democratic candidates $300,000 in 1996 and 2000 but hasn't given them a dime this time."

Now, perhaps Kerry will stop appealing to working families and soften his tone on trade and jobs to appeal more to the fat cats. (See Feb 17 Daily Post here suggesting that he will.) To many, this would appear corrupting as the big money interests get a candidate to change his tune more to their liking. Or, maybe Kerry will continue to stand up to the corporate interests, including Silicon Valley, and risk defeat when they withhold their support. This too would be corrupting because either way the big money interests get what they want -- someone in the White House who will take their side on issues of trade, jobs, and the economy.

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