Thursday, April 08, 2004

Maybe We Could Learn Something from College Students
All too often, the things they teach you in school don't relate much to the real world. But, here's an example of something that maybe should. The students at Colorado State University have sensibly set a limit of $3000 on anyone's campaign for student government -- down from $3500 last year. I guess this way the rich kids don't always get elected as student body president. And, after all, college students probably need to be spending their money on other things besides politics -- like textbooks and pizza.

Seems like the system worked pretty well. According to this article, one campaign had a problem keeping track of their expenditures and came within $1.52 of the limit. Some were worried they'd be disqualified. In the end, a careful audit revealed that they had complied with the limit. Can you imagine if a candidate for the US President were disqualified for failing to comply with campaign finance law?

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