Monday, April 10, 2006

Campaign Finance Reform Under Attack in Arizona

State Representative Russell Pierce is pushing an amendment to basically undo most of Arizona's campaign finance laws. His idea is to increase contribution limits from around $300 to $5000, repeal public financing for candidates who refuse to take any private dollars, allow lobbyists to give candidates cash "loans" that might not be paid back, and repeal restrictions on contributions by corporations.

The House Appropriations Committee will consider this idea Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

Readers in Arizona may want to ask the members to vote NO on the strike everything amendment to Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1013.

(For details of this 38-page measure, please click on this link www.azclean.org)

Below are the phone numbers and e-mails of the legislators on the committee.

Chairman Representative Russell Pearce Email: rpearce@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5760

Vice Chairman Lucy Mason Email: lmason@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5874

Representative Andy Biggs Email: abiggs@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-4371

Representative Tom Boone Email: tboone@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-3297

Representative Judy Burges - Email: jburges@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5861

Representative Eddie Farnsworth Email: efarnsworth@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5735

Representative Pamela Gorman Email: pgorman@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-4002

Representative Trish Groe Email: tgroe@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5408

Representative Laura Knaperek Email: lknaperek@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-4225

Representative Jerry Weiers Email: jpweiers@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5894

Representative Amanda Aguirre Email: aaguirre@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-4430

Representative Jack Brown Email: jbrown@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-4129

Representative Olivia Cajero Bedford Email: ocajerobedford@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5835

Representative David Lujan Email: dlujan@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5829

Representative Albert Tom Email: atom@azleg.gov Tel: (602) 926-5862

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