Thursday, September 02, 2004

Let's Hear from The Rest of You
We've been getting some e-mails in response to our Daily Posts. They were interesting enough to us that we decided to upgrade our blog to allow readers to offer their own comments.

Our first comment is from Bob Stern in response to a post from Ned on August 23rd. You can read it here.

I gather from other blogs that we'll be getting a fair amount of spam postings. We'll do our best to delete those, along with anything that is downright vulgar, rude, or overly repetitive. But, we do aim to let other points of view be heard.

To comment on a post, first drill down past our main page to the Democracy's Daily Posts blog page. At the bottom of each post is a red notation of how many comments there are (for now, all zero since we just started this.) Click on that, and you'll be able to enter your own comment.

That's it. Happy posting.

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