Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Is Tom DeLay Running Afoul of the Texas Ban on Corporate Money?
Texas state law prohibits corporations and labor unions from giving money to state candidates. Federal law has long since banned corporate contributions to federal candidates and this was recently extended to cover federal parties as well. Tom DeLay voted against that extension, but he ought to at least live by the law in his own state.

According to the Longview News Journal, Delay helped a group called Texans for a Republican Majority raise some $600,000 in contributions from corporations. The group apparently used the money in ways that sure sound like electioneering: conducting polling, evaluating candidates, and doing fundraising. A grand jury is conducting an evaluation to see if these activities violate Texas law.

During his 2000 campaign, George Bush agreed with the principle that corporate money should be used for business purposes and ought not be used for political purposes. Seems like his fellow Texan didn't get the message.

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