Sunday, January 18, 2004

Dual Giving in Stockton
Here's a story from the Stockton Record that quotes me talking about fat cats who give to more than one candidate in the same race (although they got my name wrong, its Cressman not Pressman.)

Big shot lawyers and developers have given contributions more than $1000 to two out of four candidates running for mayor in Stockton. They view this as innocent enough, allowing the "community to then select a candidate on an even playing field." Implicit in this admission is that two of the four candidates are palatable to the big donors, so they'll let the voters pick from among these two, leaving the other two in the dust of the wealth primary. Their statement also sends the message that in cases where big money isn't happy with two options, they'll back just one and force the community to decide on an un-level playing field.

Stockton has no limits on contributions. I suggest in the article that they get some. If lawyers and developers were limited to giving no more than plumbers and school teachers could give, say $50 or $100, all of the candidates could then truly compete on a level field, not just those who pass the fat cat test.

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