Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Utah Governor's Race Draws Big Spender
Fred Lampropoulos, a millionaire who made his money founding a medical company, has raised more than a million bucks to run for Governor of Utah, mostly from his own pockets. He's already spent some $325,000 out of his own pocket running ads on radio talking about his beliefs, but not telling listeners he'll be running for Governor. This means he doesn't have to pay for the ads from his political committee, and the radio stations can pretend their not campaign ads. Instead, Lampropoulos just spouts out his beliefs, saying "I just thought you'd like to know." See details here in the Deseret News.

If voters would like to know what candidates think about politics, they have plenty of opportunities to learn about this short of radio ads paid for by the candidate. They can watch a TV new program or read a newspaper that provides coverage about candidates that is more likely to be impartial than ads paid for by the candidate themselves. If their local media isn't covering a race, they can turn to alternative media sources, forcing the mainstream media to alter its coverage to keep its viewers and readers.

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