Thursday, January 08, 2004

Democrats Nix Local Reforms in New Jersey
Its funny how Democrats seem to hate campaign finance reform when they are the party in the majority, but like it when their not. Republicans aren't much different. Note here an editorial from the South Brunswick Post, taking to task the local Democrats for failing to enact contribution limits.

In this case, the incumbents excuses are that: A) the courts might strike down contribution limits, B) we don't want to harm the ability of candidates to get their message out, and C) money in politics isn't really a big problem anyhow. Hank Kalet of the Post does a good job exposing those excuses as bogus, and pointing out how in the past Democrats have said there was a big problem when it was the Republicans in charge and taking the big bucks.

Citizens need to be vigilant in keeping whichever party is in power honest on the issue of money in politics.

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