Monday, December 15, 2003

Should Conneticut's Governor Resign?
Over the weekend, Connecticut newspapers began calling on Connecticut Governor John Rowland to resign. Here's the first one that did so, the Day, which had twice endorsed the Governor for election. Here's another editorial in the Manchester Journal Inquirer.

Sounds like the Governor has a problem with lying. He is accused of having had private interests pay for improvements on his vacation house, and then lying about it. He claimed he'd never spoken to Enron top dog Ken Lay, although Enron's own records dispute this. Enron in fact gave the Republican Governor's Association, which Rowland heads up, $60,000 within days of Connecticut giving Enron a sweetheart deal.

Interestingly, John Rowland had vetoed a campaign finance reform bill a few years ago. Wonder if there is any connection between politicians who hate reform and politicians who don't seem to know wrong from right?

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