Monday, October 06, 2003

In Memory of One of Us
Fred Tuttle, a regular American who briefly brought some sanity and humor to Vermont politics, died over the weeked. Mr. Tuttle was a dairy farmer who ran against Jack McMullen in the Republican primary for US Senate in 1998. McMullen was a millionaire carpetbagger who had moved into Vermont from Massachusetts to see if he could buy himself a U.S. Senate seat. Tuttle launched his campaign with a $9 newspaper ad, and in the end spent only $251, or $1 for each of town in Vermont. He won with 54% of the vote, but then actually endorsed his Democratic opponent for the general election, saying he was more qualified to be Senator.

In his concession speach, Tuttle said "I've had the time of my life. But tomorrow, I've got to go dig my potatoes. So, good night, and God bless.''

See more details in this AP Story.

Here's an old CNN story about Fred's 1998 campaign.

Fred serves as an inspiration for the rest of us, showing what one person can do if you put your mind to it.

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