Thursday, October 16, 2003

Yesterday was the deadline for federal politicians to report on how much dough they've raised in the past three months. This is a big deal, because candidates like to show off their big warchests right about now as a way of intimidating anyone who might think of running against them. The FEC hasn't updated their website to contain all this new information, but they should shortly. But, some candidates have made their filings available to the media. This USA Today story goes into some detail about President Bush's fundraising for his primary campaign. The story includes a link to the 100 folks who so far have raised $200,000 or more for the President. Keep in mind, all this money is just for the Republican primary, in which Mr. Bush is running pretty much unopposed. And, it's not like folks are unfamiliar with Mr. Bush or what he's done in the white house. Either you like him, or you don't, but will it really help you make up your mind to watch a bunch of TV ads that are aired by the candidates themselves?

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