Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Who Cares?

We get a lot of e-mails from citizens who are fed up with a government that doesn't seem to listen. Here's one we got today that seems to put the finger of what a lot of people are feeling:

Who cares about us anymore? The gov't used to be about us, the people, now it's about themselves. They really don't care about what our feelings are about anymore. It's about what they can get and take for themselves. Look at our older people, our homeless, we still have alot of this going on here in our home towns, states and our nation and still the gov't does nothing about it. Many people are on fixed incomes, but, does the gov't care? NO! All they care about is helping other countries and themselves. They get good benefits and wages, so why bother with the little people, who put them there. They need get rid of all the OLD people that have been in the white house for too many years and put some new blood in there that care for us people. I really don't care who anymore, as long as they care for the peoples interest and not just their own.

I am sick of the different parties in gov't. They should be there just for us and our well being. We work hard for our money and we pay our taxes to pay to the gov't so they can take care of us and our homeland. But they spend so much money on going to mars and other planets that mean nothing to us. We need to put the money for our homeless and poor and those who need medical assistance (insurance). Here in the United States of America!!!!!!

How can I put my trust in our gov't, when they can't take very good care of us???

I need some answers! I have so much to say, but I don't think anyone will listen.

Mike J
Stanislaus County

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