Monday, September 27, 2004

More on Fat Cats and Their 527s
Glen Justice of the New York Times had two good stories here and here this weekend that detail how some of the biggest donors are giving much more this year than they have in the past.

Susie Thompson Buell, founder of Esprit, gave a million to defeat Bush instead of $100,000, saying it was "rather impulsive."

Agnes Varis of New York gave $1.5 million to the Joint Victory Campaign. She says its OK because she's not going to get a Halburton contract in return.

What these folks are missing is that they are getting a lot in return in having way more influence in choosing our next president than most of us. The rest of us care about who wins too, but our impluse contributions might be $50 donated on-line, not dropping seven figures at a fancy house party.

Stephen Moore, who heads the conservative Club for Growth says that our polarized political climate "has created a hospitable climate for raising money in large chunks. Fear and hatred are powerful motivators." Great. Just great.

One consultant notes that ""There's just going to be so much clutter. It's going to be harder for these guys to change the world." Imagine how the rest of us feel, if the millionaires are feeling croweded out by the ads from the billionaires.

If your sick of this, now's the time to sign our petition to Deep Six the 527 loophole to put these folks back in their place.

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