Friday, March 12, 2004

Buying Endorsements
Perhaps the most common way that big donors use to influence election outcomes is to buy TV or radio ads, or perhaps direct mailings, aimed directly at voters. They hope that they can say something that will influence the voter to support them, or oppose an opponent.

But another big money tool is to get other prominent people, groups, or politicians to endorse you. It is common practice for presidential candidates, for example, to give money to other politicians with the hopes of making friends who might repay the favor someday. Now, an Illinois Mayor is claiming that a millionaire candidate for the US Senate tried to outright buy his endorsement for $150,000.

The allegation is printed here in the Saint-Louis Post Dispatch. Blair Hull, the candidate in question, denies the charges. For more on the Hull race, see the March 8 Daily Post.

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