Thursday, February 05, 2004

Foreigners Raise Funds to Defeat President Bush
A German expatriate website reports here that German youth are raising funds intended to help defeat our president in the coming US elections. I don't know what German law allows these folks to do, but it would be blatantly illegal for them to spend this money in the US or for any US citizen to take it and spend it on their behalf.

It's just wrong for people who don't live in our country and can't vote for our president to spend money trying to influence our vote. The president represents Americans, not Germans.

Likewise, America should extend our laws to ban contributions to US Senators from people who live outside that Senators home state. Why should New York stock brokers have any influence over who the citizens of Oklahoma chose to represent them in the US Senate? If you can't vote for someone, you shouldn't be contributing to support or defeat them either.

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