Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hugs and Smiles Amidst the Hollywood Hubris - Arnold Stands By Reiner

John Ellis reports in the Fresno Bee that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is standing by his "friend" Rob Reiner until there is evidence of wrongdoing.

California law prohibits the use of public resources for campaign purposes. The First 5 Commission spent $23 million in public funds on an ad campaign which supported Proposition 82, a pro-preschool ballot measure of the commission's chairman ... Rob Reiner. In other words, public funds were spent for campaign purposes, in violation of state law.

Schwarzenegger says he will await the results of a state audit before making any judgments. The Guv must have meant until there is evidence of further wrongdoing.

The state audit may reveal something about the intent of those who designed and ran the ads or the collaboration between the First 5 Commission and its consultants and the Prop 82 committee and its consultants (some of whom are one and the same), but it does nothing to change the basic fact that public funds were spent by Reiner's commission in support of Reiner's initiative in violation of California law.

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