Monday, January 16, 2006

Bob Ney Steps Down . . . But Not Far Enough

As Jonathan Weisman reports in the Washington Post, Ohio congressman Bob Ney temporarily resigned as chairman of the House Administration Committee, a plum leadership position which earned Ney the nickname "the Mayor of Capitol Hill", a position he allegedly used to hand out a sweet wireless contractor to a major contributor.

Ney is the unnamed "Representative #1" mentioned in Jack Abramoff's guilty plea who Abramoff admits to bribing in return for campaign contributions and goodies. In addition to wireless contracts, Ney is also allegedly for sale when it comes to inserting comments into the congressional record and backing legislation.

We think the constituents of Ohio's 18th Congressional District deserve a representative who knows the difference between right and wrong to steer clear of the Abramoffs of this world, not to mention a representative that isn't distracted by a federal corruption investigation which by all reports has considerable merit. Ney has made a couple statements to the effect that he might not seek re-election, even if he stays in office until this November.

Enough is enough Bob. The honorable thing to do at this point is to resign from Congress and let justice run its course. The people of Ohio deserve someone looking out for their best interests, not watching over the shoulder for impending indictments.

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