Thursday, February 10, 2005

Watching the Watchdog

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I spoke today at the public comment period of a meeting of California's Fair Political Practices Commission. (A copy of the statement can be found here.)

In my comments, I urged the Commission to vigorously pursue the complaint we filed against the Citizens to Save California ("the Committee") and Gov. Schwarzenegger, including seeking injunctive relief against their raising donations in unlimited amounts.

Arnold and the Committee are touring the state, hobnobbing with lobbyists and rich folks at high-powered luncheons. The price for a seat at the table? $100,000, as Bob Salladay and Peter Nicholas report in the Los Angeles Times.

That the Guv controls the Committee was made even more obvious when the Committee filed a lawsuit against the very regulation we based our complaint on, as Gary Delsohn reports in the Sacramento Bee. So, the charade has been called off. Now, instead of breaking the laws of California, his Governorship and the Committee are attacking the laws of California.

C'mon Governor. Call off the dogs. If you can't pull in enough money at $22,300 a pop to finance your agenda, maybe you're in the wrong business.

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