Friday, November 05, 2004

Democracy For Sale

According to a study of the 2004 federal elections by the Center for Responsive Politics, the candidate who spent the most won 96 percent of House races and 91 percent of Senate races. The biggest spender was victorious in 413 of 432 decided House races and 31 of 34 decided Senate races. House races are notoriously gerrymandered to favor one party in the general election, but in those races we'd at least hope to see some competition in the primaries. But, according to the U.S. Public Interest Reserach Group, the candidate who spent the most won 91% of the time in primaries.

Money wins elections. Who has and gives money decides who runs in and wins our elections. The more money they got, the more influence they have.

Maybe 2004 is a statistical anomaly? Nope, in 2002, top spenders won 95 percent of House races and 76 percent of Senate races.

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