Monday, July 12, 2004

Connecticut Congressman Works the System

Two-term incumbent congressman Rob Simmons of Connecticut's 2nd District is in dire trouble. He has raised a paltry $1.1 million dollars so far for his re-election campaign - only five times the total amount raised by his two potential challengers in the November general election combined.

Won't somebody please help that poor man?!

Never fear. Our nation's campaign finance law has swooped in to save the day, offering the Congressman shelter from the dark forces of democracy in its mighty loopholes, succor in his time of need- . . . -ing more money.

Just in case his 5:1 advantage in fundraising doesn't feel like quite enough, as reported by Ray Hackett of the Norwich Bulletin, Congressman Simmons has also signed on to a "joint candidates' committee" that has the potential to allow big donors that have maxed out their contributions to give more.

Congressman Simmons (or hey! maybe even his constituents) would be better served talking about issues with the public than by engaging in obscure democracy-draining campaign-finance tactics.

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