Friday, July 09, 2004

Victory in Arizona

This week, the Arizona Legislative Council decided on the exact language to be used in this year's ballot initiative to bring an end to Arizona's successful Clean Elections law. (See Derek's June 28 post on Clean Elections in Arizona for a little background.)

Basically, opponents of Clean Elections were up to their old tricks, trying to sneak a ballot initiative by the voters of Arizona that would have repealed Clean Elections without saying so in the initiative itself. Sneaky, underhanded, and not gonna work. The Legislative Council decided to rewrite the misleading language so that it reflected what this ill-minded initiative would actually do - make big special interest money once more the driving factor in who gets elected in Arizona.

The decision by the Leg. Council makes it less likely that the initiative to undo Clean Elections will succeed, which makes it more likely that Arizonans will continue to enjoy the benefits of a democracy whose elections aren't dominated by big money. Fans of democracy should celebrate.

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