Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Even a Rat's Gotta Breathe

Americans For Job Security, a 501(c) organization with a propensity for popping up around election time to run last-second 'independent' ads for the pro-business crowd, is at it again. (Check out Derek's post from March for a little background)

Mark Johnson of The Charlotte Observer reports that Americans For Job Security (AJS) has spent $300,000 (all from undisclosed sources of course) on ads touting Republican U.S. Senate candidate Richard Burr as pro-business. AJS was started in the 90's as a front for the insurance industry, which as far as I can tell is pro-insurance industry, which doesn't always mean pro-business. There's a difference. But I digress! At the end, AJS directs viewers to a phone number for more information about Burr. This somehow, some way, means the ad is not a campaign ad, meaning AJS gets to both keep its nonprofit status and keep its supporters anonymous.

What's the matter fellas? Don't wanna come out and play democracy with the rest of us?

Keep an eye out for AJS in your own local elections. If the race is close come October, and the local insurance friendly candidate is behind, don't be too surprised to see an ad or twenty supporting that candidate or dinging the other.

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