Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Money For Nothing

Laurie Sybert of the St. Louis Business Journal reports on MSNBC that political ad rates have jumped 58% in Missouri. Thanks to its status as a swing state, Kerry and Bush are saturating the nightly news ad market hoping to win valuable votes.

When the ad rates jump, they jump for everybody. Local candidates have to pay the same amount for a 30-second spot as the Hundred Million Dollar Club, meaning the folks in Missouri are stuck listening to the same old junk from the same two guys because the local and state candidates can't afford to play. Wouldn't it be nice to hear an interesting viewpoint or two or three from people a little closer to home, from candidates that don't see you as little tiny dots on a map or shades of red or blue?

Who owns the airwaves again?

The big boys tug-of-war over four percent of the electorate, so the rest of us get less info about local and state elections. Brilliant.

Give us our airwaves back! Media owes us, not the other way around.

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