Monday, June 07, 2004


Well, this story's a bit stale date-wise, but still relevant to us and the task at hand. Seems the folks in Moreno Valley, California wanted to start up a public utility. (Can't imagine why anyone in California would want to do that . . .) Apparently, Southern California Edison (SCE) doesn't want it to happen, so it has spent over $670,000 trying to convince the folks around Moreno Valley to place limits on the public utility.

Now, this may seem like just another company throwing its eight around for the sake of profit, but the good folks at SCE assured Dan Lee of the Press-Enterprise that losing customers has nothing to do with their effort:
"It does very little for our portfolio," he said.

The amount of political power that a corporation get can with just a small piece of its portfolio is often enough to overwhelm what citizens on the other side can put together. Doesn't seem like a level playing field for making good public policy decisions.

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