Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Haley's "Disastrous" Decision For Democracy

Well, ol' Haley Barbour just couldn't pass up an opportunity to let the corporate boys know he's still a D.C. man at heart. The former big-time lobbyist and current Mississippi Governor recently vetoed an already weak campaign reform bill that would have increased disclosure requirements and limited corporate contributions to political action committees (PACs).

PACs are those committees that seem to do about everything to support a candidate but pull the lever for you, so allowing UNlimited UNdisclosed contributions from corporations to PACs is pretty similar to allowing UNlimited UNdisclosed contributions to candidates.

Which to most people, sounds like a rotten idea. As reported by WLBT, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood blasted Barbour's decision:
I'm upset because the governor like a thief in the night, stole the people's right to know........ corporations are laundering money.

And as Emily Wagster Pettus reported in The Sun Herald, Secretary of State Eric Clark had this to say:
There'll be out-of-state interest groups that (will) seek to buy our Supreme Court and our Appeals Court this year, and we won't know one thing about who's putting the money up. That will be a disaster for the people of Mississippi, but that's where we are right now with this veto.

C'mon Governor. Enough with the flimsy rationales for allowing big money into elections. The people of Mississippi deserve much, much better.

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