Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher Indicted

As Joe Biesk reports for the Associated Press, Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher was indicted today (Thursday, May 11) on misdemeanor charges of politically discriminatory hiring practices, official misconduct, and conspiracy in furtherance of the first two charges.

Kentucky law prohibits the consideration of political affiliation in state hiring. The grand jury indicted Fletcher for doing just that - looking at political affiliation and campaign contribution history of potential hirees as a way to positively screen for those who would be political supporters.

Last year, Fletcher pardoned nine people in relation to the scheme, and issued a blanket pardon covering all others involved ... except himself. It's good to see Mr. Fletcher taking the high road.

Fletcher, of course, calls the charges politically motivated. This is somewhat ironic given that the indictments level the same charge at Fletcher's hiring practices. It's unclear which side has truth on their side. We'll keep an eye on things to see how they pan out.

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