Friday, February 18, 2005

Clean Elections Under Attack in Arizona

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On Monday, the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee will hear Concurrent Resolution 1036 (scroll down), which would place on the ballot the question to do away with Clean Elections.

Clean Elections is a program that allows regular folks to run for office without sucking up to millionaires or being a millionaire themselves. The program helps candidates talk about the issues with their constituents, and not spend their time fundraising. Clean Elections has already been successful in reducing the influence of big money special interests in Arizona's political system -- Clean Elections winners hold 10 of the 11 statewide offices (all except Superintendent of Public Instruction), 35 of 60 House Seats and 7 of 30 Senate seats.

This is not the first time opponents of a level playing field in politics have tried to undo Arizona's successful program. Last fall, developers unsuccessfully used underhanded tactics to get an anti-Clean Money measure on the ballot, but a judge kicked the measure off.

If you want to let Chairman John Huppenthal know your thoughts on this matter, give him a call at (602) 926-5261 or shoot him an e-mail at jhuppent@azleg.state.az.us . Huppenthal appears to be the sponsor of this resolution, so no need to spare his feelings because he's just a messenger.

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