Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hiked Contribution Limit Pays Off for Ohio Senate President - Fox Eats Chicken for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (& the Occasional Snack)

As the Associated Press reports in the Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio Senate President Bill Harris is taking advantage of the recently hiked limits on contributions to candidates ($10,000), raking in an extra $38,000 so far this year on top of what he could have raised under the old limits ($2,500). His campaign's new wealth has already come in handy, enabling Harris to kick $250,000 to his party's Senate Candidate Committee, no doubt generating much love and admiration from his colleagues.

Harris was already doing pretty well under the old limits, raising enough to outspend his opponent in the 2002 general election $255,000 to $2,500, according to reports filed with the Ohio Secretary of State. And in 2003-4, Harris raised enough to spend another $460,000, despite not facing an election for another two years.

But apparently outspending his opponent 100:1 was not enough for Senator Harris, who sponsored the 2004 legislation which jacked Ohio's already-high limits. The ability to raise even more money from rich people under the new limits has the Senator so confident in his ability to win re-election in 2006 that his official Senate website lists the expiration of his current term as 2010.

Elections?! We don't need no stinking elections!

Which is what big money in politics is all about. Rich people and wealthy interests fight to contribute as much as they can because they know it pays off in election results. The more they can give, the more candidates they get into office. The more candidates they get into office, the more say they have when it comes to the policies which affect our daily lives. $10,000 limits are better for them than $2,500 limits, because it grants them more dominion over government, more dominion over the rest of us.

But regular folks can fight back, and are fighting back in Ohio with three initiatives. Check out our website for more information.

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