Thursday, March 24, 2005

Target and the Governor

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As Lisa Vorderbrueggen reports in the Contra Costa Times, signature gatherers for Citizens to Save California got in a dust-up with an opposing group as they canvassed for signatures at Target.

Target? Didn't they bar the Salvation Army from collecting money for charity in the parking lots and grounds outside Target stores? Yep.

In fact, Target's company policy says the following: "Target Corporation restricts the use of its parking lots and facilities to only business use. Target does not permit individuals (including political candidates and/or their campaign organizations) or nonprofit organizations to solicit donations, distribute literature, sell merchandise or hold events on our premises."

Huh. That's weird. Why would Target go against its own company policy to allow Citizens to Save California to collect signatures in support of the Governor's agenda?

Maybe for the same reason that Target Corporation gave $100,000 to Citizens to Save California two weeks ago. Or maybe for the same reason that Target Corporation gave $210,000 to the Governor's California Recovery Team in 2004.

Maybe Target didn't know CSC was going to be out there collecting signatures. I doubt CSC's signature-gatherers are ringing bells after all.

Regardless, it sure strikes me as strange that a store would kick a charitable organization off its grounds but not a big-business backed ballot committee with close ties to the Governor.

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Just wanted to say hi and mention that we picked up this article at Marching Orders, a blog devoted to California politics, especially including the Governor's ballot initiative drive and the efforts against it.

Love your site -- keep up the great work.
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