Monday, February 07, 2005

TheRestofUs.org Files FPPC Complaint Against Gov. Schwarzenegger and Citizens to Save California

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(Please see below for links to the complaint and our statement.)

TheRestofUs.org filed a complaint today against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Citizens to Save California committee (CSC) for violating California's campaign finance laws.

The words and actions of the governor, CSC board members, and CSC's consultant were the key factors for filing the complaint today. Not only have the governor and his agents with CSC broadcast their intentions to pull in contributions in amounts at least as high as $50,000 to pursue Governor Schwarzenegger's agenda, the governor and CSC board member Allan Zaremberg have already begun a series of high-powered fundraising luncheons at high-priced hotels around the state.

Combined with the time it takes for the FPPC to fully process and adjudicate a complaint - the resolution of Cruz Bustamante's problems came six months after the election in which his violations occurred - these factors required the filing of today's complaint to ensure that Governor Schwarzenegger pursues his agenda within the lines of California's campaign finance laws.

In our statement to the press, Derek Cressman made clear that today's complaint was not an attack on either the govenor's substantive agenda or his use of the ballot initiative process to confront the problem of a recalcitrant legislature, but rather focused on the governor's insistence on using big money to finance his agenda, against the spirit and letter of California's laws in this case.

That being said, Gov. Schwarzenegger and the committee fashioned an agenda together, publicized that agenda together, and are raising funds together to pursue that agenda. Together, together, together. Legalistic arguments from the governor, his lawyers or his buddies on the committee don't do justice to the people of California or candidate Schwarzenegger's promises during the recall campaign. If he truly wanted to end the dominance of special interests in Sacramento, he sure has a funny way of doing it.

Please check out the complaint or our statement about the complaint.

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