Friday, February 04, 2005


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TheRestofUs.org just got word from a local source that California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley will resign from office at 4 p.m. PST today. Speaking from his hometown of San Francisco, Shelley will announce that he will step down, which allows Governor Schwarzenegger to appoint a replacement. The Legislature must confirm the appointee.

This brings an end to but one chapter of the Shelley saga. Despite Assemblyleader Nunez's statement that he sees no need for Shelley to testify before the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) if he resigns, Assembly Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has said that won't wash.

Even if the JLAC is through with Shelley, there are still ongoing investigations into various allegations against Shelley, including one into laundered campaign contributions by a federal grand jury.

Shelley's resignation means that Californians will presumably have a Secretary of State of good standing who is able to devote their full attention to the job of running the special elections likely to be held this fall. However, Californians still have wait to find out whether the man they elected to office even deserved to be there in the first place, or whether he took part in a scheme to launder some $200,000 in state grants which ended up in his campaign coffers, enabling him to eke out a small victory - for himself at least.

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