Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mississippi's Democracy Blues

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After a ton of untraceable money flowed into Mississippi races in the last couple elections, the Mississippi Legislature passed a law to improve disclosure. Governor Haley Barbour vetoed it though, because he thought it would limit the big money which flows into political action committees.

Now, as WLOX-TV Channel 13 (Biloxi) reports, the Mississippi Senate and Governor Haley Barbour have pulled the ol' bait-n-switch with a new campaign finance law. Instead of passing a law which improves disclosure, the Senate passed a law which increases the amount that corporations can give to candidates and does nothing to improve disclosure.

According to Mississippi Secretary of State Eric Clark, the law is "weak".

I couldn't agree more. The politicians in Ohio worked the same magic in 2004, using disclosure rhetoric to disguise their true intent: to put more money in politicos' pockets. These efforts are cynical, and will have a negative effect on the ability of regular folks to have their voice heard in the political process.

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