Friday, December 03, 2004

Battle To Improve Integrity of Elections in Ohio

The National Voting Rights Institute (NVRI) is fighting to improve the integrity of Ohio's elections. They are doing so by serving as legal counsel for presidential candidates Michael Bednarik (Libertarian Party) and David Cobb (Green Party) in their efforts to get the state to do a recount.

For those inclined to dismiss these efforts as partisan or as the product of conspiracy-minded individuals, please remember the closeness of the results in Florida or New Mexico in the 2000 presidential race, in Washington's 2004 gubernatorial race, or at a more local level, in Montana's 2004 House District 12 race.

An accurate recording and tabulation of every vote is one of the fundamental requirements for any kind of legitimate democracy. While it may seem acceptable to some to allow for some errors, the close nature of some elections demonstrates that that is simply not true. The tiniest margins of error can swing an election for any office, thereby subverting the people's will, which is unconscionable for any democracy, but especially for one with the vast resources and technology that the United States possesses.

NVRI's efforts in Ohio are an attempt to shine the light on some potential problems with the way Ohio records and tabulates its votes. In doing so, they seek to inform the people and elections officials of Ohio where the process can become more accurate. Instead of balking at this effort, the elections officials in Ohio should welcome it.

Democracy in Ohio will benefit.

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