Monday, October 18, 2004

United Health's CEO Sits in Judgement For Us All

From an article by David Phelps in the Minneapolis Star Tribune:
"This is a democracy, and this is how it works," said Lois Quam, CEO of the Ovations division of UnitedHealth. "It's [McGuire's] point of view that if good people don't go into public life, then bad people do."
In the quote, Quam is justifying the nearly $500,000 in donations to federal candidates by UnitedHealth's political action committee, executives, and employees and its CEO Dr. Bill McGuire's standing as a Bush Pioneer for helping the Bush '04 campaign raise over $100,000, the bulk of which came in contributions of $1,000 or more.

How do you suppose McGuire and his buddies decide who the "good" people are and who the "bad" people are? From the same article:
Consumer groups estimate that the health care industry stands to gain billions of dollars as a result of the Medicare legislation that Congress approved and Bush signed late last year.
So, this is a democracy and this is how it works. HMOs give hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates that will vote to make the HMOs richer. You know - "good" candidates.

And if their wealth happens to give them a greater influence in who runs for and is elected to office, well folks, that's just the way the democracy crumbles.

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