Friday, June 25, 2004

Enron Madness!

Man, what a week! We've seen hints that Ken Lay is about to be indicted, Governor John Rowland plays at being honorable and resigns as governor of Connecticut, and Dick Cheney is let off the hook by the Supreme Court.

Whoa! And all that follows closely on the heels of the transcripts of conversations between Enron energy traders which revealed how Enron encouraged the California energy crisis by manipulating the market.

All I can say is Thank God! for governmental regulators. You guys are doing great!

The more Derek and I dig into the Enron apple, the more rotten this sucker gets. What started as a nice little bit of cronyism gone horribly wrong has turned into this behemoth of a story that continues to turn up worm after worm after worm in state capitals all over the United States.

Check out some of the pieces of the puzzle we've assembled so far:

-Ken Lay and Enron - Factsheet/Timeline

-What Did Dick Know and When Did He Know It? - Derek's Op-Ed in the San Francisco Chronicle and his related Post

-John Rowland, Electricity Deregulation, and Enron - Background and Analysis

-Sign up for our Enron Updates:

And finally, if you want to do a little primary research, you can check out the transcripts of the audiotapes of the Enron traders here - (Enter date range 5/17/2004 to present, docket number EL03-180-, and submit. It is the second file from the bottom. Click "FERC generated PDF", and you're on your way towards hours of mildly nauseating entertainment.

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