Monday, June 14, 2004

Democracy Crumbles in New York

As reported by Yancey Roy in Rochester's Democrat and Chronicle, New York companies are giving way more to candidates than the law allows, sometimes up to four times over the legal limit. The Board of Elections' response? It writes the companies a letter advising them to seek their contribution back.

Of course, that doesn't happen until the election's in the can, and a company's candidate has been sworn in in Albany.

Elections make (or don't make) the democracy. Each citizen of these United States has an equal share in deciding the laws by which we all shall be governed. Until the state legislature and Board of Elections in New York get serious about enforcing the law and limit the influence of companies' powerful concentrations of wealth in their democratic processes, New Yorkers will have to make do with less than that which is theirs by rights - the freedom to choose their leaders.

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